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Water Scarcity, Consumption and Conservation

Water is something often at the forefront of our minds at Loomis Tank. We believe that consumer education is one of the best ways to conserve – simply by raising awareness.  Are you aware, for example, of how much water Americans use compared to the global average? It’s something to consider as we all strive to be better citizens of the world. Here is an excerpt from an article on water conservation from our friends at Green Living Press.

Taken from GreenLivingPress.com‘s “That Blue Part on the Map”

“The importance of water conservation and the notion of water scarcity are not always front and center in the mind, especially when maps and globes are full of “blue area.” In reality, however, the increase in population and global development translates into more and more strain on fresh water sources each year.

Water can be scarce in any given region due to a lack of physical, unpolluted water, a lack of ability to access the water available, or a lack of financial means for water extraction and utilization. Because of all of these factors, there is a limited fresh water supply available for use each year. Of the water on planet Earth, 2.5% is freshwater; and of that percentage, less than 1% is available for use. Oftentimes, that percentage of available freshwater is contaminated and polluted, rendering it unsuitable for use.

While data on average shower times for every country is not exactly abundant, much information about water use and water conservation does exist. According to www.waterfootprint.org, the worldwide per-capita median of water use per year is 1320.5 meters cubed. That breaks down to an average of 3.62 meters cubed per day. The same study finds that the lowest water usage per person is Yemen, with 619 meters cubed per year (1.69 meters cubed per day); and the highest water usages per person is the USA, 2483 meters cubed per year (6.82 meters cubed per day).

This means on any given day, individuals in the the US use almost twice as much fresh water than the global average.”

Read more: http://greenlivingpress.com/2010/09/07/the-blue-part-on-the-map/

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