Septic Tanks and leach field Infiltrator Systems from Loomis Tanks

Looking for high-quality fiberglass and plastic septic tanks for sale near your home or business? Loomis is the premier supplier of fiberglass and plastic septic tanks -- and state-of-the-art Infiltrator systems -- in the United States!

We offer septic tanks for sale that feature low profile designs, rugged ribbed tanks and spherical septic tanks made by Snyder.

Sizes range from 300-gallons to large commercial septic tanks. Our pre-plumbed septic tanks are ready for immediate installation, and a wide variety of manhole extension heights are available for immediate delivery!

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  • Low profile design, ribbed tanks and sphere septic tanks made by Snyder
  • Sizes range from 300-gallons to large commercial sizes
  • Pre-plumbed septic tanks are ready for immediate installation
  • Wide variety of manhole extension heights available
  • 6 factories nationwide to serve you
  • Underground water storage cisterns also available

Features & Benefits

  • Vertical Ribbed Sidewalls (Poly septic tanks) - Substantially wide ribs run vertically top to bottom dramatically increasing both the strength and durability of the poly septic tanks.
  • New Heavy-Duty Ribbed Baffles (Fiberglass septic tanks) - Reinforced baffles in our fiberglass septic tanks are bonded to the tank with strong fiberglass putty to withstand all kinds of stress.
  • Low-Profile Design - Makes for less excavating and easier installation of the septic tank. No special backfill or filling with water during installation is required, which saves time.
  • IAPMO Listed - Most counties and states require the stamp of approval from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials on septic tanks before they can be installed.
  • Warranties - Fiberglass septic tanks: 5 years; Poly septic tanks: 3 or 5 years depending on model
  • Economical - With all of their features and benefits, we're confident you'll find LOOMIS poly and fiberglass septic tanks the best value for wastewater systems today!

Advantages of Polyethylene & Fiberglass Septic Tanks

  • Easy Installation - No heavy equipment is needed to transport or install our septic tanks. This is a valuable advantage in rough or inaccessible areas and in wet weather conditions.
  • Durability - Polyethylene, because of its excellent corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility is the ideal material for on-site applications.
  • Non-Porous Material - Roots will not penetrate poly septic tanks and fiberglass septic tanks as they can with concrete septic tanks.
  • Easy to Repair - If damaged, poly and fiberglass septic tanks can be repaired easier than concrete or steel septic tanks.