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Water Tanks

We stock a wide selection of water tanks for storage and transport.

Our water tanks are made to last. Tanks that were put into service many years ago are still performing in a variety of extreme weather conditions throughout the country. Our water tanks are USDA, USDI, NRCS, DOT, NSF, and ASTM approved.

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Lightweight – Loomis poly plastic water tanks are lightweight and easy to handle. Often times poly plastic water tanks must be placed in a location not easily accessible. Loomis poly plastic water tanks can be manually maneuvered, rolled and lifted into position. Simply install on native soil or sand pad. Heavy equipment is usually not needed to maneuver our water storage tanks.

Maintenance Free – Loomis poly water tanks are manufactured from FDA-approved polyethylene plastic and are available in green and desert tan to blend with the environment. This opaque material stops algae growth. These poly water tanks will never rust or corrode. The polyethylene used in Loomis water storage tanks contains ultra violet inhibitors to fight the sun’s harmful effects. All of this insures that you will have a poly water tank that will last for many years to come.

Economical – Our water tanks are competitively priced to fit your budget. Included in the price of your water tank are fill (most models) and discharge fittings, designed and manufactured to meet recent A.S.T.M. standards. Additional fittings can be installed anywhere on the water storage tank to meet your specific requirements. Local distribution means service and inventory is down the street – not across the country.

Variety – Our selection of water tanks is available in a wide variety of sizes. Some poly plastic water tanks of a particular size can be made in different dimensions. Most of our poly tanks are available in dark green, desert tan & black. 

Great Warranty – We have a full (non-prorated) 3 year warranty on our poly plastic water tanks. Some water tanks have a 5-year warranty. Even our underground water tanks (also known as underground cisterns), water transport and spray tanks carry 3 year warranties.

Durable – Loomis water tanks are made to last. Water tanks that were put into service many years ago are still performing in a variety of extreme conditions throughout the country. These tanks are USDI, USDA, NRCS, DOT and NSF approved.

Delivery available - freight rates available upon request.

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  1. Rich helle says:

    I use 20 gallon galvanized steel tanks for chiller systems. I want to use the same size we have been using with regard to fittings. Can you tell me what you have available?

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