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How can we take advantage in this El Nino Season?

We are still struggling through the worst drought since at least 1895. We must think to the future & what we are able to do to help with not only the current drought but events like this in years to come. As we are currently on the brink of El Nino, we have to ask if we prepared ourselves better for the El Nino of 1997, would we have been better off today? With that being said, there are many questions we could ask ourselves but the better question is why don’t we do something about it? Or better yet what can I do about this? There are many ways to help give back to the earth, but the major one is to utilize the resources that are given to us.

Historically, people have relied on collecting rainwater in a storage tank or Rainwater Tankother vessel to provide water for drinking, cooking, laundry, bathing, bathroom fixtures and irrigation. Once urban and rural areas began developing more sophisticated water supply systems, it decreased the perceived need to harvest rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting is an incredible opportunity for water conservation, environmental sustainability, and cost reduction on an individual scale if done properly. Businesses and homeowners across the country have found a great resource in the ability to harness rain, and often rain water systems will pay for themselves in only a short time.

Here are a few Benefits of collecting rainwater using Rainwater Tanks & Barrels:Rainwater Barrel

  1. Helps to conserve our already depleted groundwater supply.
  2. Reduces the amount of freshwater that’s used for purposes other than human consumption.
  3. Reduces the amount of storm water runoff that contributes to stream pollution & habitat destruction & the costs that are associated with these problems.
  4. Rainwater is soft and non-corrosive
  5. Rainwater is an excellent natural fertilizer.

In conclusion, water Tanks & Barrels may have been a thing of the past but why not have them be the next big thing of the future. It’s the least we can do for Mother Nature.

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