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3 of the Best Types of Water Tanks for Hauling Water and Liquid Fertilizer Chemicals

One of the most common types 2035 gallon elliptical leg tankof Water Tanks people are shopping for are used for liquid transport. More than likely, if you drive a car, you have seen these types of tanks driving alongside you. The best material for these tanks would be Poly Water Tanks because of their durability and cost efficiency. Poly Water Tanks are very easy to maneuver, when they are empty, they are very lightweight and can be easily moved by hand.

Most Portable Poly Tanks are designed to carry a wide range of chemicals and fertilizers; they are also suited to carry potable and non-potable water. Many of these tanks are designed for liquids that weigh up to 12 lbs. per gallon, but there are also some heavy weigh models that are designed to hold up to 16 lbs. per gallon of liquid.

Who uses these tanks and what are these tanks used for? These portable tanks are used for water and chemical tanks are used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Fire-fighting
  • Watering livestock
  • Irrigation
  • Chemical and Fertilizer applications
  • Hauling water to the home for domestic use
  • Storage for camping or RV’s
  • Mobile auto detailing services

Portable water tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. We gathered up a list of what we think are three of the best types of portable water tanks available for you:

pickup truck utility tanks
1. Pickup Truck / Utility Tanks

These tanks are designed to fit within a standard pick-up truck. These tanks offer a low profile for improved center of gravity, a flat bottom for stability, and feature a unique cut out on either side to allow the tank to sit snug between and above the wheel wells. These types of tanks are often the best if you are on a budget in terms of cost per gallon and range in the size of 150 to 450 gallons.

If you have a smaller pick-up truck, the recommended water tank sizes of 150 to 210 gallons are more suitable for half-ton pickups because of their outside dimensions and the amount of water, they hold. When buying this type of water tank, you need to keep in mind that water weighs 8.5 lbs per gallon so 200 or more gallons can easily meet or exceed the payload of a standard half-ton pickup. Water tanks in the 275 to 325 gallon range are best suited for three-quarter ton pickups, while full or one-ton pickups can usually handle 395 to 450 gallons depending on the payload rating. We strongly recommend you reference your vehicle manual for details before buying one of these types of tanks.

Horizontal and Elliptical Leg Tanks
2. Horizontal and Elliptical Leg Tanks

These types of tanks are usually referred to as “Leg Tanks”. These are very flexible chemical hauling tanks and they have features that make them suitable for either hauling in a pickup, on a trailer or mounting to a flat bed of either. Horizontal and elliptical leg tanks feature stability, “legs” which often provide a flat surface for mounting to a flat bed. These features include grooved channels in the legs for mounting steel support hoops or bands, and the legs act as anti-sloshing baffles on the inside of the tank which improves stability while on the road. These tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes, typically range from 30 to 5,000 gallons.

Horizontal Leg Tanks usually have a circular cross-section which provides a narrower shape that is easier to fit in certain applications. Elliptical Leg Tanks have an oval cross-section which utilizes a wider width to distribute its load and offers a lower profile for improved center of gravity. Both types are common for transporting large volumes of water or other chemicals and fertilizers.

As mentioned before, steel support hoops or straps are available for mounting the tank to a flat surface and for providing additional side support for the tank when full. For smaller models, usually ranging up to 525 gallons these bands are optional, but for larger tanks they are often required in order to maintain the tanks warranty.

2400 gallon horizontal box tank
3. Square or Rectangular Tanks

There are several varieties of liquid water tanks meant for hauling, that fall into this category. Pest Control Operator or PCO tanks are not just used for pest control. These small rectangular tanks offer convenient sizes ranging from 30 to 300 gallons with multiple flat spots for mounting specialized equipment or installing additional tank fittings. A similar type of tank is called a loaf tank named for their shape, like a loaf of bread which is like a PCO tank but with a flatter bottom surface.

One very popular type of portable water tank is the Intermediate Bulk Container or IBC tank also called “totes” or cage tanks. These tanks usually come in the range from 275cage tanks to 330 gallons and are square tanks enclosed in a cage usually made of metal. These are common because of their pallet bottoms which make them extremely convenient for handling equipment such as forklifts. The cages allow these durable tanks to be stacked up to 3 units high, even when they ‘re full! They are also easily moved in and out of a pickup bed or a trailer. Most come with a 2” outlet and a valve. You can buy these units with a new bottle for hauling potable water or a reconditioned bottle for non-potable water. The reconditioned tanks often cost far less and provide an exceptional value for many applications depending on your needs.

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