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Does the Color of a Water Tank Matter?

How important is the color of your Water Tank?steel erected tanks

When purchasing a Water Tank, there are many considerations to follow such as the need, the girth, the footprint, the material and longevity. One thing that many people might overlook and not consider as much as they should is the color.

The first choice when people buy a Water Tank is usually what material should they choose a steel tank or a poly plastic tank?

Many people choose corrugated galvanized steel tanks because they are aesthetically appealing. Most steel tanks are very durable. Steel tanks are more impervious to the effects of the sun, reflecting light and maintaining the molecular composure that can break down in other materials. They are also considerably resistant to the effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes, though are subject to rust and corrosion. Many steel tanks can be found in a variety of colors and shades. Depending on the manufacturer you can find steel tanks in a variety of colors.

Poly Water TanksPlastic poly tanks come in 3 common colors: Beige (light tan color), Dark Green, and Black. One of many purposes for these colors is to fit in with your landscape which is important to many people. In green areas, green and black tanks tend to be the go to; in the desert tan tanks are the most favorable. All these colors of tanks are manufactured out of the same grade of material: Polyethylene (“poly”) plastic, which happens to be the most widely used plastic for its durability, molecular structure and light weight. In case for Potable water tanks (eligible for holding drinking water), the plastic is typically linear polyethylene (in other cases known as HDPE), which has the highest strength and durability in plastic water tanks.

As for the colors; the darker colored water tanks, such as green and black block more sunlight and therefore decreases the likelihood of algae growthWater Tanks when the water sits for long periods of time. If growth does happen, it could be very difficult to clean up and in some cases it can render the water unusable. Some may choose a tan tank, which trades the sunlight blockage for a lighter color that will reflect the sunlight more and keep the temperature down, but this calls for immediate use. When you are using a lighter colored tank, you must consume the water frequently to prevent bacteria buildup.

water tanksChoosing the right water tank is not easy regardless of whether you want a steel or plastic tank. Our experts here at Loomis Tank Centers can help assist you in finding the perfect tank that will not only appease you aesthetically but serve the purpose you need. Tanks for stopping by our Blog! Stay tuned next month for the latest Tank news.

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