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3 of the Best Types of Water Tanks for Hauling Water and Liquid Fertilizer Chemicals

One of the most common types of Water Tanks people are shopping for are used for liquid transport. More than likely, if you drive a car, you have seen these types of tanks driving alongside you. The best material for these tanks would be Poly Water Tanks because of their durability and cost efficiency. Poly Water Tanks are very easy to maneuver, when they are empty, they are very lightweight and can be easily moved by hand. Most Portable Poly Tanks are designed to carry a wide range of chemicals and fertilizers; they are also suited to carry potable and non-potable water. Many of these tanks are...
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What are Field Erected Steel Tanks?

What are Field Erected Steel Tanks? We are glad that you asked. They are specialized steel above ground storage tanks that are essential to life in many are as of the world. There are no standardized Field Erected Steel Tanks. They are not Shop-Built tanks. They are named for the way they are built. They are far too large to be built or put together inside a shop and then transported to the site unlike shop fabricated tanks that range in sizes of 1,000 to 30,000 gallons. Field erected tanks can start out at 550 gallons and range all the way up to several million gallons. Due to the large nature...
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The Dos and Don’ts to Installing an Underground Plastic Septic or Water System

Let’s face it; no one wants to talk about septic tank issues. But when it comes to installing a septic tank or system you are in good hands with us. Using a polyethylene plastic tank for your sewage system has many advantages over a concrete or a steel tank. Here are some advantages to list a few: Non-Corrosive for long life Lightweight for ease of installation Easily repaired in the unlikely event of damage Lower overall cost Plastic tanks are an excellent choice to help meet your Septic or Water System requirements. All tanks should be installed and maintained using a specific set of instructions...
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