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The Dos and Don’ts to Installing an Underground Plastic Septic or Water System

Let’s face it; no one wants to talk about septic tank issues. But when it comes to installing a septic tank or system you are in good hands with us. Using a polyethylene plastic tank for your sewage system has many advantages over a concrete or a steel tank. Here are some advantages to list a few: Non-Corrosive for long life Lightweight for ease of installation Easily repaired in the unlikely event of damage Lower overall cost Plastic tanks are an excellent choice to help meet your Septic or Water System requirements. All tanks should be installed and maintained using a specific set of instructions...
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Selecting the Right Septic Site

How do  you choose the right place for your septic tank? Dan recently published an article about site selection on American Chronicle. “You know you need a septic system, but where should it be installed? How do you decide if a plastic septic tank can be used in one location versus someplace else? This article discusses many of the factors to consider when selecting the best site for your poly septic tank and/or leach field system. Polyethylene plastic septic tanks have several advantages over concrete tanks, one of the most obvious benefits is the ease of installation. The light weight...
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