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How can we take advantage in this El Nino Season?

We are still struggling through the worst drought since at least 1895. We must think to the future & what we are able to do to help with not only the current drought but events like this in years to come. As we are currently on the brink of El Nino, we have to ask if we prepared ourselves better for the El Nino of 1997, would we have been better off today? With that being said, there are many questions we could ask ourselves but the better question is why don’t we do something about it? Or better yet what can I do about this? There are many ways to help give back to the earth, but the major...
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Green From the Ground Up

This is an excerpt from the movie “Green From the Ground Up” directed by Tracy Trotter & Joe Campanelli.  The film is about a prototype eco-home in Santa Barbara, CA. built by Joe Campanelli Construction.  Joe’s vision was to build an all green home with a sustainable approach in its use of energy, natural resources, materials, water, waste and how it compliments the natural setting of the area.  It received over 400 points in Built Green SB that is well over the 220 points required for a 3 star rating.  The video clip shows the involvement of Loomis Tank Centers, Wilson Environmental...
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