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How to Choose a Rain Harvesting Tank

As we all know too well, California is in a massive drought. Luckily, we have been fortunate to have a few days of rain recently this year. So, it would be unfortunate for us to waste these opportune times to collect rainwater. Conservation is two-fold. One, it is important for us to use water wisely and limit use when possible. Two, it is critical for us to have the ability to collect and save water that might otherwise be lost and or wasted. Also, rainwater is an economical, safe and sustainable source of quality water when it is captured and stored in the correct manner. There are 3 steps in...
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What are Field Erected Steel Tanks?

What are Field Erected Steel Tanks? We are glad that you asked. They are specialized steel above ground storage tanks that are essential to life in many are as of the world. There are no standardized Field Erected Steel Tanks. They are not Shop-Built tanks. They are named for the way they are built. They are far too large to be built or put together inside a shop and then transported to the site unlike shop fabricated tanks that range in sizes of 1,000 to 30,000 gallons. Field erected tanks can start out at 550 gallons and range all the way up to several million gallons. Due to the large nature...
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