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How to Choose a Rain Harvesting Tank

As we all know too well, California is in a massive drought. Luckily, we have been fortunate to have a few days of rain recently this year. So, it would be unfortunate for us to waste these opportune times to collect rainwater. Conservation is two-fold. One, it is important for us to use water wisely and limit use when possible. Two, it is critical for us to have the ability to collect and save water that might otherwise be lost and or wasted. Also, rainwater is an economical, safe and sustainable source of quality water when it is captured and stored in the correct manner. There are 3 steps in...
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Does the Color of a Water Tank Matter?

How important is the color of your Water Tank? When purchasing a Water Tank, there are many considerations to follow such as the need, the girth, the footprint, the material and longevity. One thing that many people might overlook and not consider as much as they should is the color. The first choice when people buy a Water Tank is usually what material should they choose a steel tank or a poly plastic tank? Many people choose corrugated galvanized steel tanks because they are aesthetically appealing. Most steel tanks are very durable. Steel tanks are more impervious to the effects of the sun,...
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Potable Water Tanks: Guide to Storing Drinking Water Safely

Many diseases are connected to the lack of clean drinking water. It is a matter of public and personal health to make sure our water is safe to consume. Water fit for ingestion is referred to as “potable.” In order to store potable water, you must take many precautions. Here are the requirements for water to be considered potable: Low bacteria levels and the virtual absence of pathogens. The water must be purified of microorganisms that can cause infection or disease Low levels of disinfectants, such as chlorine, that help monitor the dangerous levels of microorganisms Appropriate levels of...
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What are Field Erected Steel Tanks?

What are Field Erected Steel Tanks? We are glad that you asked. They are specialized steel above ground storage tanks that are essential to life in many are as of the world. There are no standardized Field Erected Steel Tanks. They are not Shop-Built tanks. They are named for the way they are built. They are far too large to be built or put together inside a shop and then transported to the site unlike shop fabricated tanks that range in sizes of 1,000 to 30,000 gallons. Field erected tanks can start out at 550 gallons and range all the way up to several million gallons. Due to the large nature...
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The Dos and Don’ts to Installing an Underground Plastic Septic or Water System

Let’s face it; no one wants to talk about septic tank issues. But when it comes to installing a septic tank or system you are in good hands with us. Using a polyethylene plastic tank for your sewage system has many advantages over a concrete or a steel tank. Here are some advantages to list a few: Non-Corrosive for long life Lightweight for ease of installation Easily repaired in the unlikely event of damage Lower overall cost Plastic tanks are an excellent choice to help meet your Septic or Water System requirements. All tanks should be installed and maintained using a specific set of instructions...
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How can we take advantage in this El Nino Season?

We are still struggling through the worst drought since at least 1895. We must think to the future & what we are able to do to help with not only the current drought but events like this in years to come. As we are currently on the brink of El Nino, we have to ask if we prepared ourselves better for the El Nino of 1997, would we have been better off today? With that being said, there are many questions we could ask ourselves but the better question is why don’t we do something about it? Or better yet what can I do about this? There are many ways to help give back to the earth, but the major...
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Loomis Tank Online Store

Just a friendly reminder to our customers that you can purchase water tanks and septic tanks at our safe, secure online shopping site.  Check it out when you get a chance at shop.loomistank.com.
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Water Tanks

We stock a wide selection of water tanks for storage and transport. Our water tanks are made to last. Tanks that were put into service many years ago are still performing in a variety of extreme weather conditions throughout the country. Our water tanks are USDA, USDI, NRCS, DOT, NSF, and ASTM approved. Click below for product info: » Above Ground Water Tanks » Below Ground Poly Cisterns » Below Ground Fiberglass Cisterns » Water Transport Tanks » Specialty Water Tanks » Rainwater Collection & Harvesting » Fittings and Accessories SOME OF THE GREAT BENEFITS TO PURCHASING A LOOMIS...
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