Rainwater Harvesting & Collection, Water Reclamation

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Essentially, rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage, and distribution of rainwater for use in gardening and landscaping. In light of our increasing environmental problems, as well as the implementation of new federal mandates, we are once again turning to harvested rainwater as an effective and cost-saving tool.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection include cost savings by conserving valuable drinking water from groundwater and municipal supplies, preventing polluted runoff from entering storm drains, and providing a natural form of nutrient-rich water for your garden.

Waste Not - Want Not


For years Loomis Tank Center has been a leading supplier of polyethylene water tanks for water storage and transport. We are proud to offer our own Rainwater Harvesting System to be used in conjunction with our wide variety of above- and below-ground water storage tanks.

Our Rainwater Harvesting System captures the rainwater that normally escapes from your rooftop during a rainfall and allows you to redirect it to your garden, where it will do the most good. Tanks can be situated at different locations around your home connected to PVC piping that directs the water into the tanks. Imagination is the only limit.

rainwater harvesting system

Sample Rainwater Harvesting System with leaf eater, storage tank and overflow outlet

The system begins with a debris strainer located at the water source whether a gutter or pipe delivery. Our tanks accommodate multiple water sources as well. Rainwater then flows into a ‘first flush’ diverter that isolates the first raindrops which contain higher amounts of contaminants. This initial rainwater can be manually disposed of or trapped in a smaller tank for use elsewhere. As the diverter is closed off, ‘fresh’ water is routed to the storage tanks. From here the water can be further filtered and sent to its final destination by gravity or water pump.

Loomis Rainwater Collection (download brochure